ZULUDIVER PU Z Type Waterproof Watch Strap
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ZULUDIVER PU Z Type Waterproof Watch Strap


Product Type: Rubber

Seiko style polyurethane (PU) replacement watch straps are amongst one of the favourite straps for diving, swimming and other sporting activities. Its durable, flexible and water resistant construction means it's long lasting. 

These PU diver's watch straps are more resilient to salt water and UV radiation and will last longer than a watch strap made from PVC resin. They are also much less prone to dust when compared to dive watch straps made from silicone rubber.

The minimum length of the strap is 135mm (5.25 inch) and the maximum length is 185mm (7.25 inch). With an average sized watch (45mm) the strap would suit a 7 to 9 inch wrist.