ZULUDIVER Modern Tropical Watch Strap (MII) Bronze Hardware
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ZULUDIVER Modern Tropical Watch Strap (MII) Bronze Hardware

Spring Bar:

The ZULUDIVER Modern Tropical Rubber watch strap is the perfect choice for your dive watch. Inspired by the iconic tropic straps of the 1960s, this modern take on them adds a contemporary twist whilst maintaining the retro look.

The ZULUDIVER Modern Tropical Rubber watch strap has all the best bits of the originals, such as the diamond-shaped perforations, raised notched edge, and signature textured surface. It’s made from high-quality HNBR rubber. It is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions like salt-water and UV (ultraviolet) rays therefore ideal for fitting to your diver's watch.

We’ve given the strap a couple of modern touches, with a straight tail and our signature ZULUDIVER signed buckle. The buckle is solid stainless steel with an ion plated bronze effect finish, and the ZULUDIVER logo deeply etched for reassurance of a quality product.

With this new (January 2021) improved MkII version of our most popular strap, we’ve taken customer feedback on board and made a few upgrades:

  • The strap now features quick-release spring bars available in two types.
  • Standard watch spring bars with 0.9mm tips.
  • Divers style spring bars (for Seiko) with 1.1mm tips.
  • Both the 20mm and 22mm sizes are now the same 130/80mm length.
  • We have also made a change to the keepers making the strap more comfortable to wear.
  • Now available in two new colours, blue and orange.

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