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September 18, 2023

What better way to test a strap than to issue it to four people with diverse watch collections and interests? Earlier this month, four of our authors, Don, Richard, George and Martin, were issued with identical Mayday Sailcloth Padded Divers Watch Straps costing £48. The joint mission was to fit and use them on four watches and report the results.


First let's hear from Don Russell, who is a seasoned professional diver and adventurer, he believes that a timepiece isn't just a reliable companion; it's a gateway to one's inner self. His fascination with watches spans over five decades, with a profound dedication and passion for more than half of that time. Don aspires is to ignite the adventurous spirit in others, encouraging them to utilize their timepieces during their own journeys, fostering a shared passion that has deeply enriched his own life, providing endless enjoyment.

Don Russell – Mayday Sailcloth on HELM 'Special Edition' Komodo

Zuludiver Maverick on Helm Special Edition KomodoZuludiver Mayday on Helm Special Edition Komodo - Credit Guest Author

ZULUDIVER sailcloth straps are nothing new to me, as I've previously used, tested and reviewed a couple. Those two were of the military, one-piece type, but essentially the same material. Those were used while filming an episode of Discovery Channel's 'Expedition Unknown', and I have to say that they both performed impeccably. They were used extensively underwater and were perfectly at home, more than 100 feet down. The straps were rinsed after use, along with the watch, and the saltwater has had no detrimental effect whatsoever on either strap; even after that, they're both still as good as new.

What's different about the Mayday then?

Well, it's just in a nicer package. Straps designed to do a specific job often fall short on the aesthetic front to ensure they perform 100% under extreme conditions. The Mayday retains all the toughness and resilience while settling into everyday life almost unnoticed. However, when the going gets wet, sweaty or muddy, there's no need to panic; the Maday will just get on with it all, requiring only a quick rinse to put things back as they were. I chose to put the Mayday on the new HELM 'Special Edition' Komodo as it will be submerged; there's no doubt about that! The Mayday's brushed buckle is functional and discreet, as are the keepers in the same material as the strap. The keeper closest to the buckle is fixed, and the other is floating; this arrangement keeps everything neat at the buckle while ensuring that the loose end of the strap remains fully supported and out of harm's way. Seven adjustment holes take care of the sizing, and a slight 'padding' on the case end finishes things off aesthetically.

All in all, it is an extremely capable strap in a visually appealing style. Who's it for? It's for those who do many things in their watch but don't want to worry about the strap. The Mayday even has quick-release spring bars as standard!


Now let's hear from Richard Brown, who is a former provider of special operations training and holds a profound conviction that a superb timepiece makes for an exceptional companion in the realms of exploration and adventure. With more than three decades of dedicated collecting, his enduring fascination with the technical marvels of both vintage and contemporary watches remains undiminished.

Richard Brown – Mayday Sailcloth on Omega Seamaster Titanium

ZD Maverick on Omega Seamaster TitaniumZD Mayday on Omega Seamaster Titanium - Credit Guest Author

Thanks to ZULUDIVER, my part-time career in watch journalism began. I had been using their 1973 British Military Nylons since 2012 as I found them the most robust and comfortable strap in the hot, sandy countries I kept visiting. Even to this day, several of my watches are on straps that are almost ten years old, so durable are they. I did not think the Military Nylon could be improved until I was lucky enough to test the prototype of the Mayday Sailcloth Padded Divers Watch Strap on a trip to the Far East. It was a revelation.

The original Sailcloth was instantly soft; instinctively, I knew it would be incredibly durable. I wore it in super-hot and humid conditions, and at no point did I ever have any concern about its ability to cope or the build quality. Ironically, it had grey stitching, the same colour as the new Mayday the four authors are testing. The rembord construction of the latest model looks like a cross between ballistic nylon and Cordura; however, the reality is that it is advanced abrasion-resistant rubber followed by neoprene and a resistant cotton woven panel that sits comfortably against the skin.

ZD Maverick on Omega Seamaster TitaniumZD Mayday on Omega Seamaster Titanium - Credit Guest Author

So what to match it with? If we go to the business end of the strap, it is worth mentioning that it has a satin brushed finish buckle that looks like titanium. What better watch to match it with than a full titanium diver? This is, after all, a thoroughly water-resistant rugged strap. When fitted to my Omega Seamaster Titanium 300, it looks perfect - indeed, it looks remarkably like a strap Omega themselves would manufacture. The grey stitching complements the titanium perfectly, and the buckle and watch case looked like they were hewn from the same metal.

This is the perfect strap for any titanium tool watch, and with its quick-release spring bars, it even helps you avoid the dreaded scratches with which titanium is so synonymous.


Next we have George Redgrave, who's fascination with watches began in his teenage years. The simplicity of telling time through these intricate little machines has always captivated him. As he embarks on his journey, it's clear that the excitement of exploring this world is just the beginning for him.

George Redgrave – ZD Mayday on Seiko Orange Monster

ZD Maverick on Seiko Orange MonsterZD Mayday on Seiko Orange Monster - Credit Guest Author

In the earlier days of my watch-collecting journey, I always kept a watch on its original strap or bracelet, and that was that. However, since becoming a Guest Author for Geckota Group, my outlook has completely changed - for the better. I now love suiting and booting my watches on different straps and getting a surprise every time I do; it just completely transforms the look of a wristwatch.

The Mayday Sailcloth's construction is an advanced abrasion-resistant rubber followed by neoprene and a water-resistant cotton woven panel to the outer layer of the strap. The Mayday I tested was charcoal in colour with a subtle grey stitching. The strap features two keepers, one fixed in place just below the base of the buckle and the other free to move and adjust. The buckle is brushed stainless steel with ZULUDIVER laser etched to the righthand side.

ZD Maverick on Seiko Orange MonsterZD Mayday on Seiko Orange Monster - Credit Guest Author

I knew which watch I wanted to pair the Mayday with, the Seiko SKX781, aka Orange Monster. This Monster is very loud in all aspects of its appearance, from its unusual case shape to its bright orange dial. If you didn't know already, the Seiko Monster is a 200m dive watch that can take a beating. The Mayday Sailcloth pairs perfectly as it's extremely practical, and its subtle appearance breaks up the bold steel of the Orange Monster. I like to spend my free time walking in all weather and tough terrain. The Mayday has been perfect for this. It is exceptionally comfortable on the wrist, whether it's hot and humid or wet and cold. Most importantly, the strap feels very secure due to its premium build quality, so it is reassuring never to have to worry about the watch coming loose or even falling off my wrist!


And finally let get Martin Stone's thoughts on the Mayday. His fascination with horology has evolved from a mere interest into an engaging hobby. He holds a particular affection for Omega timepieces and is a fervent advocate of microbrands that pour their passion into crafting original, innovative, and visually pleasing watches.

Martin – ZD Mayday on Geckota SeaHunter

ZD Maverick on Geckota SeahunterZD Mayday on Geckota Seahunter - Credit Guest Author

I've only ever worn a watch on a Sailcloth strap once before – this was new to me, fitted to an older pre-owned Ray Mears Citizen ProMaster Tough model that was non-standard by its original owner. The wearing experience was somewhat different from the leather or NATO/nylon I was used to but it was comfortable albeit not wholly breathable and, due to its age and prior use, did not last long. For some reason, I later 'flipped' this watch (one of a few regrettable watch sales!), so I am now delighted to pair the new ZULUDIVER Mayday Sailcloth with my recently acquired, white-dial SeaHunter Slimline.

I'd previously exchanged the standard bracelet on the SeaHunter for a dark brown suede from Watchgecko, which gave it a more casual, smarter appearance; putting it on the new Sailcloth, it's like something completely new and different. The strap colour matches the matt black hands of the watch perfectly, and being a watch that is suited for its use in water, the waterproof Sailcloth is more than an ideal pairing for both practicality and aesthetic visual attraction. The strap is both comfy and soft due to its padding and quality materials and is tough, durable and practical, too. Being finished in a matt effect doesn't 'bling' the overall look.

ZD Maverick on Geckota SeahunterZD Mayday on Geckota Seahunter - Credit Guest Author

The strap's buckle has a satin-effect brushed finish, which complements the mostly brushed case of the SeaHunter perfectly. Having quick-release spring bars is also a big plus point for me, which aids the transformation from a dressier style sports model to a more practical dive style in seconds.

Sailcloth straps have come a long way since their original inception; now made from proper waterproof PVC, other materials, and original cloth (from sales), these will last for many years and look great on a diverse range of makes and models. I will surely add a few more to my strap collection from now on.


In conclusion, the Mayday Sailcloth Padded Divers Watch Strap has proven its mettle among a diverse group of watch enthusiasts. Its combination of durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of watches. Whether you're diving into the depths, embarking on an adventure, or simply elevating your everyday style, the Mayday Sailcloth is a strap worth considering. Its ability to effortlessly adapt to different timepieces and lifestyles is a testament to its quality and craftsmanship, making it a must-have accessory for any watch aficionado. So, when it comes to selecting the perfect watch strap, the Mayday Sailcloth has certainly earned its place as a top contender.

We're excited to continue this engaging experiment with other classic straps, and we'd love to hear your suggestions. Please share your thoughts, and don't forget to explore the full range of ZULUDIVER Sailcloth straps right here. Your input and insights are valuable to us!

Andy Hillier

About the Author: Andy Hillier

About the Author: Andy Hillier

As the head of brand development at ZULUDIVER, I believe that a strong brand is not just about creating a logo or a tagline, but about telling a compelling story that resonates with our customers. We want to create a brand that not only sells products, but also inspires and connects with people on a deeper level.

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