New Products

OctoPod Watch Strap - ATLANTIC

The ZULUDIVER Octopod is our original registered design for developing the ever-popular NATO watch strap to celebrate over a decade of selling watch straps online. We created the OctoPod watch system by combining the advantages of a standard NATO-style watch strap with the flexibility of a deployment metal bracelet buckle.

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TYPHOON Sailcloth NATO Watch Strap - Polished

Meet the original Sailcloth TYPHOON NATO watch strap. We took our iconic NATO watch strap, which we have been selling online for over a decade, and combined it with our unique multi-layer sailcloth.

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HydraRib NATO Watch Strap - ICARUS

The material we picked for the HydraRib NATO is premium high-quality 100% polyamide (nylon) yarn. A special close-grain weave has been used to create a three-dimensional pattern and feel.

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