“At ZULUDIVER, we have a brilliant crew and pledge to be responsible.”

Hi there, it's great to meet you. My name is Andy, and I used to work as an engineer until joining my friend Jon on this adventure in 2013.

Every day, as a team, we strive to educate and better ourselves. We want to be ethical, and providing incredible products to people all around the world. So please join us on our adventure.

“At ZULUDIVER, we have a brilliant crew and pledge to be responsible.”

Hi there, it's great to meet you. My name is Andy, and I used to work as an engineer until joining my friend Jon on this adventure in 2013.

Every day, as a team, we strive to educate and better ourselves. We want to be ethical, and providing incredible products to people all around the world. So please join us on our adventure.

Our Story and Purpose

At Zuludiver our purpose is to continuously improve ourselves, and the lives of our customers.

Our purpose is to continuously improve ourselves, and the lives of our customers. We create high-quality products whilst working towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future. We work tirelessly to improve our skills and our products. We are a strong team and believe in the Japanese principle of Kaizen, which is the concept of continual improvement. Our customers are important to us, without you we would not be able to do what we do, and our products allow you to do what you love doing.


  • 2009 - 2010

    The Start of an Adventure

    Jon Quinn, the founder of ZULUDIVER and the Geckota group, was driven by a passion for watches and his natural entrepreneurial spirit and he started to build the foundation of a business. In his spare time Jon bought and sold watches on eBay.

  • 2011 October

    On October 27th, 2011, the brand's domain was registered, marking the official start of the journey.

  • 2012


    In 2012, the trademark for ZULUDIVER was registered, securing the brand's identity and protecting its intellectual property. This crucial step in the brand's development set the stage for its launch in 2013 as an e-commerce website selling watch straps designed for customers who enjoy outdoor adventures.

  • 2013

    Business Premises

    Jon made a significant milestone by moving into a dedicated office space. To help build a strong foundation for the future, he hired its first employees, two part-time students. The same year, the now brand manager Andy joined the business.

  • 2013 April

    Website Launched

    In April 2013 we launched our first ecommerce website. The website was created to provide customers with an alternative platform away from the eBay marketplace, to purchase the range of high-quality watch straps that had been developed.

  • 2015

    Product Design

    With the success of the business, it was clear that we needed to grow and this led to an expansion of the office space. We now had more room and we could to hire more employees. The focus was on creative tasks, product design and development.

  • 2016


    The growth of online market places and a focus on delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service was a big factor in our continued success. In order to support this growth, we added more team members, bringing the total number of employees to 10.

  • 2017


    With plans to add 9 additional employees to its team we completed of the purchase of a 5000 square foot head office located in Tewkesbury.

  • 2019

    Commitment to Sustainability

    We took the decision to shift our focus away from online marketplaces and we start work on a new websites. In recognition of the impact that the business operations can have on the environment, we have a pledge to be carbon neutral.

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  • 2019 September

    New Website

    We launched our brand-new website, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience. Offering a more user-friendly interface, and an easier checkout process. The launch was a major step forward, as it allowed us to better showcase our products and service.

  • 2021 December

    Celebrating Space Exploration

    In honor of the groundbreaking Apollo missions to the moon, we have developed a new line of watch straps known as the Lunar range. This range pays tribute to one of the most significant achievements in space exploration and aims to capture the spirit of the Apollo missions.

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  • 2022 April

    Supporting the Community

    We have sponsored a local 6-a-side football team, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the community and promoting healthy living and recreation. By sponsoring the team, we helping to provide opportunities for local athletes to come together, compete, and have fun.

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  • 2022 May

    The Launch of HydraRib

    Introducing a new line of watch straps crafted from premium polyamide yarn. The unique appearance of these straps has inspired their name, HydraRib, an acknowlegment to the multi-headed creature from Greek mythology, the Hydra.

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  • 2022 May

    Pushing the Limits: Typhoon Sailcloth

    We are always striving to push the boundaries of design and create products that are both functional and stylish. We have launched our latest creation: The Typhoon Sailcloth Watch Strap.

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  • 2022 June

    Project OctoPod

    We are thrilled to finally reveal the result of a year of hard work: the OctoPod Watch Straps System. Our team have been developing the system in secret, and we are eager to share it with the world.

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  • 2022 October

    Next Level Rubber Watch Straps

    Out Now: ZULUDIVER TSUNAMI Rubber Deployant Watch Strap is the latest and greatest in our line of high-quality watch straps.

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  • 2023 February

    Exciting News: ZULUDIVER and Nite Watches

    We are proud to announce the successful completion of a joint design project between ZULUDIVER and Nite Watches.

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  • 2023 March

    The launch of Spacebound

    To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the luanch of NASA Pioneer 10 and 11 probes, we are proud to introduce the ZULUDIVER "Spacebound" range of LUNAR Straps.

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  • 2023 May

    OctoPod MKII

    We are thrilled to announce that we have listened to our valued customers and taken their feedback to heart. In response to your requests for a more compact buckle, we have redesigned the OctoPod buckle, reducing its length by an impressive 10% and we have also lunched some new finishes!

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Our Mission

We are passionate about providing quality products and reducing the impact on our planet.

We are passionate about providing quality products and reducing the impact on our planet. We have been creating watch straps and accessories for over a decade - and we continue to provide a range of well-designed products that are reasonably priced. At the same time we continue to promote and collaborate with the community to help protect our planet for future generations.

Since January 2019 we have been a carbon neutral business and in January 2021 we have partnered with OneTribeGlobal and through their platform we are helping to protect thousands of square meters of the rainforest.

Our Vision and What the Future Looks Like

The future goal is to provide all our products with recycled or sustainable materials.

  • Sustainable Materials

    We are developing new products that use materials like apple skin which is recovered from the processing of apples that are use in the food and beverage industry. Most of the apples that we use are frown in Trentino in Italy.

  • Recyclable Paper

    We are using recyclable paper that is made from FSC certified wood. This material is very resistant, durable, washable and best of all is recyclable.

  • Recyclable Fabric

    We use recycled PET fabric made from plastic that has been removed from the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Ocean Cleaning

    Every year 12 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans. We are working with organisations like Seaqual to do something about this.

Meet The Team

  • Jonathan Quinn


    My vision is to sell watches and watch-straps to like-minded people who share my enthusiasm for high-quality products at honest and considered prices. It began as a hobby and and has now grown into a thriving independent e-commerce store.

  • Andy Hillier

    Brand Development

    Here at ZULUDIVER we try to be better, to improve ourselves every day, to become a little bit stronger. We are a friendly, responsible team that wants to provide amazing products to people all around the world. So please come along with us on our adventure

  • Alice

    Lead Photographer

    Keeping our photography as exciting as our watches and straps is our challenge, I love doing what I love, with an amazing team. The creative team works hard every day to realise our goal of taking an in-store buying experience and bringing this to an international online market.

  • Hollie

    Marketing Specialist

    I really love my job, it’s such a great team here and no two days are the same. Time flies when you are having fun and we take great pride in our work, so if you place an order today one of us will be carefully packing it and sending it out to you tomorrow.

  • Ella

    Photographer & Social Media

    Working here is a great opportunity for me as I really love being creative. There is a wonderful working environment here and no two days are ever the same. I work alongside Alice on our product photography and Greg and I put the email newsletters together. I have also written several blog posts and often write back to our followers on Instagram.

  • Lisa

    Dispatch Team Leader

    I’m hard working and organised and have great colleagues around me so it’s a pleasure to work with such a supportive team. My guiding principle is to be efficient and constantly strive for improvement which I do every day. We all work hard but have fun at the same time.

  • Claire

    Customer Service

    It’s good fun working here at ZULUDIVER, I get to work in a fast paced environment and continuously change between different job roles within the dispatch team which makes every day different from the next.

  • Richard


    I truly believe one of the best partners in exploration and adventure is a fine watch. Over 30 years of collecting, my fascination with the technical capabilities of both vintage and modern timepieces has never abated and it is a privilege to be able to share this passion through writing.

  • Mario


    I have always been interested in telling stories and making films, so I moved to England from Bulgaria to attend film school and decided to settle here. The watch industry fascinates me and my vision is to create videos that inspire and engage both enthusiasts and novices alike.

  • Sara

    E-Commerce Administrator

    Working here is a great opportunity for me to be creative and I really enjoy my role working alongside the Creative team. No two days are the same and we have a really great team who work hard to keep everything running smoothly. I assist in keeping the website up-to-date and uploading all our new products.

  • Tash

    Dispatch Specialist

    I have recently joined the team and I am enjoying the multiple aspects of order processing. Its lovely to have joined such a wonderful group of people who clearly have a passion for everythng that they do.

  • Beth

    Dispatch Specialist

    You and your orders mean so much to all of us here. We all give the same care and attention to each of the hundreds of orders that we send out each week.

  • Suk-A


    I enjoy my role and handle all aspects of the accounting and financial business here at WatchGecko. I also work with the order processing team which is really fun as well.

  • Daryl

    Purchasing Administrator

    I have recently joined the team but have more than 10 years of experience working in materials procurement for fast-moving manufacturing industries.

  • Mitch

    Director of Finance

    I love helping organisations reach their full potential and it’s a real pleaseure to be part of the team here as this company has such spectacular opportunities.

"Quality watch products designed for explorers and outdoor adventurers."

Our Promise

We will deliver great products that are good for people, the planet and your wallet.

We promise to treat our staff, suppliers and customers fairly, as well as looking after the planet that we all live on.

Our World