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July 27, 2023

Introducing the next phase of the ZULUDIVER 1973 "SPACE-BOUND" Strap Collection inspired by the Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch.

1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Earth1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Earth

2023 marks the 50th Anniversary of one of Mankind's greatest space exploration achievements. In 1973 NASA probes Pioneer 10 and 11 became the first Earth origin spacecraft to reach the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. Following their legendary flybys which yielded some of the most significant planet images of all time, the two ships then left our Solar System travelling into uncharted territory – where they still fly today. Each craft had a famous plaque on the hull, with a pictorial message crafted by Carl Sagan, to show extraterrestrial life where they, and we, come from. Fifty years later, this is still an incredible story of human engineering. What better way to celebrate it than releasing an imaginative new series of straps inspired by the latest generation of Omega Moonwatches, their iconic Bioceramic MoonSwatch collaboration with Swatch. Introducing the ZULUDIVER "Space-Bound" range of 1973 Military Nylon Straps.

 1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Pluto1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Pluto

The ZULUDIVER Space-Bound Collection

There are ten straps in the new collection; five are currently available with five still in orbit but landing soon. The fabric for each strap is bespoke and created to complement multi-coloured MoonSwatch cases and dials. However, most of them will look equally good on steel tool watches such as an Omega Speedmaster or Bulova Lunar Pilot. Named after the planets the complete ZULUDIVER range is called Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, and of course, our celestial neighbour, The Moon.

Although NASA never actually issued their Moonwatches on 1973 Military style straps the general design of the historical and modern chronographs lends them to look good on these bands. Such straps have become firm favourites with Speedmaster users as they give the watch a functional and militaristic look while remaining 100% contemporary.

1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Neptune1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Neptune

Enhanced Technical Specs

The new Space-Bound straps are based on our ZULUDIVER Professional 1973 range which means they are made from high-strength nylon webbing. To further emphasize our commitment to sustainability, we have carefully selected certified recycled yarn material for these watch straps. By doing so, we aim to promote eco-consciousness while ensuring the highest quality for our customers.

1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Mars1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Mars

The Space Bound Series weave is matte finish with a soft feel. Strap dimensions have been kept within expected military parameters with an overall length measuring 300mm, and a thickness of 1.4mm. And the same attention to detail has been paid to the metalwork of the strap. Each model has traditionally placed hardware, buckle and three keepers, but now the steel is presented in a sophisticated satin finish with clear vertical brush marks. The combined effect results in one of the most striking 1973 straps ZULUDIVER has made.

And why would we not pull out all the stops when the Pioneer missions that inspired us to create these straps was one of Mankind's most outstanding technical achievements?

1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Jupiter1973 British Military Watch Strap: SPACE-BOUND, Jupiter

See the full Space-Bound range here, including the Apollo-style LUNAR and 2-piece variants.

Richard Brown

About the Author: Richard Brown

About the Author: Richard Brown

I truly believe one of the best partners in exploration and adventure is a fine watch. Over 30 years of collecting, my fascination with the technical capabilities of both vintage and modern timepieces has never abated and it is a privilege to be able to share this passion through writing.

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