ZULUDIVER NATO range explained

ZULUDIVER NATO range explained

Jonathan Quinn
02 Mar , 2021

ZULUDIVER NATO Watch Strap Range

The world of NATO watch straps has evolved into a pretty complicated one over the years. There are many different types of material being used, hardware, designs, thicknesses, lengths and quality of straps. These popular watch straps have been a core part of the ZULUDIVER collection since day 1 and in that time the range has developed quite a lot.

We understand sometimes it can be a little complex to navigate lots of different websites and understand what each product type name actually means. Here we want to run through these different types so you can not just quickly and easily navigate our range, but can also work out which is the right one for you. Let's get into it…

ZULUDIVER Classic NATO Watch Strap Range

The Classic Range

The Classic range is where our textbook NATO straps live. These are the NATOs that are the cornerstones of the ZULUDIVER brand so you can be sure that the quality is A1. Over the years these NATOs have been perpetually refined as we continue to work with some of the best suppliers around. Here you can expect a 1.2mm thickness (ideal for most, if not all, case heights) simple yet effective sewn in hardware and a big selection of styles such as solid colours, bond stripes and Marine Nationale. These are tough cookies and will be able to keep up if you live an active lifestyle. Hardware finishes for the Classic range include Satin, Polished and IP Black.

With widths of 18,19,20,21,22,23 and 24mm there truly is something for everyone here. The perfect place to start/continue a NATO obsession...

ZULUDIVER Professional NATO Watch Strap Range

The Professional NATO Range

Now we move up a gear a little as we get to the Professional models. The emphasis here is on using a softer seat belt like Herringbone nylon to increase the comfort level, whilst retaining the DNA that defines the humble NATO. These NATOs reflect how the NATO scene has evolved over the years with different materials and finishes becoming not only available but desirable as well. The Pro NATO range brings through everything that is great about the Classic range and simply enhances it. We still see satin, polished and IP black hardware available, however we only have these straps in at 18, 20 and 22mm.

If you want to add a lovely little pop to your watch, why not go for something subtly different like our Pro range? There are many striped and solid colours available including bond stripes, glossy greys and desert sand choices. Check them out here.

ZULUDIVER Premium NATO Watch Strap Range

The Premium NATO Range

Next, the Premium range and these truly are the best of the best. These 300mm long NATO straps stick with the silky seat belt nylon as seen on the Pro line but take it up a gear by introducing solid, substantial hardware. This new hardware is all about continuing strong design details found on your favourite watch in question through to the strap so the whole combination is coherent. The keepers are now larger in size and presence and the buckle is a lot more angular. Available in satin, polished, IP Black and (at the time of writing) it is available with gold and rose gold hardware.

Here you will find solid colours, bond stripes and Marine Nationale variations available in 18, 20 and 22mm widths. ZULUDIVER is now not just etched on the buckles but also the keeper that sits at the 6 o'clock position on the wrist. Check out the Pro range here.

ZULUDIVER Specialised NATO Watch Strap Range

The Specialised NATO Range

Last but by no means least we have our Specialised range. This is where we find unique offerings that experiment a little more with designs, materials, hardware and aesthetics. Here you can expect to find larger, rounded hardware (known as ZULUs), canvas like materials, elastic NATOs as well as rubber options.

We also play around with striped edges, single pass NATOs as well as leather. If you want something a little different, the Specialised range is sure to have it. Available in the most popular sizes such as 20mm and 22mm.

So there you have it, a quick and simple summary of our NATO ranges now available in our ZULUDIVER range. The only thing left to do now is to select your new strap. Get started here.

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