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The ZULUDIVER OctoPod Watch Strap System

Written by: Andy Hillier



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"In 1973 the British Army invented a watch strap. Fifty years later, we perfected it!"

Continuous Improvement

We don't settle for good enough, so we constantly strive to improve everything we do. So we took the classic British 1973 military watch strap, kept what we loved and fixed what we didn't.

We kept that same classic nylon webbing that hugs your wrist and that looks stunning without costing the earth.

We also wanted to keep the security of weaving the strap through both spring bars, so if one bar breaks you won't lose your watch at the bottom of the sea or hear the horrific sound of it hitting a concrete pavement.

OctoPod buckle development

After numerous prototypes and field tests, we concluded that a deployment clasp could be developed but it would require a complete redesign of the strap itself along with the creation of the bespoke clasp.

Development of Project OctoPod

It took over a year to develop the OctoPod system to ensure we had the right innovative design, with a distinctly different design for a watch strap.

Key Design Features

  • Saltwater-resistant 316L steel.
  • Dual push-button security.
  • Interchangeable webbing designs.
  • Expandable elastic webbing options.
  • Quick release from the wrist.
OctoPod watch strap fitted to No Time to Die James Bond webbing

How does OctoPod system work?

OctoPod Starter Pack

The OctoPod starter pack is available with the deployment clasp and five bespoke elastic straps. These strap packs have been created to complement one another with the hope that several from the collection will suit the chosen watch platform.

The OctoPod is a unique package offering the first high-end adjustable deployment clasp which fits bespoke Military style straps. Its name derives from the fact that the strap folds eight times within the new buckle system, i.e.: 8-Octo.

OctoPod watch strap system starter pack tin

The OctoPod concept is just as tough as any traditional Military Nylon strap but gives a much more high-end look to your special watch.

This new strap fundamentally changes the way Military style straps fit and are worn yet remains true to the look you want from a Military style strap. Embrace the evolution and try a radically new OctoPod from ZULUDIVER.

OctoPod Bronze effect buckle
OctoPod Bronze effect buckle closing
ZULUDIVER OctoPod Buckle in PVD Black

Will it fit my watch?

This watch strap system will work with any standard 20mm or 22mm width watch strap fitting, we are looking at extending the buckle to fit some other sizes.

Do I need any special tools to change the watch straps?

No, the strap weaves between the spring bars so you wouldn't need to carry any special tools to change to a different strap once it's installed.

Will it fit my wrist?

The system is designed to fit a wide range of wrist sizes, from 150mm (6inces) to a maximum of 220mm (8.75 inches)