by Richard Brown May 24, 2022

Sailcloth watch straps are some of our best selling replacement watch straps. The carefully crafted design and advanced materials have brought a new dimension and standard to outdoor watch straps.

Always moving forward and looking to enhance our designs we set out to create an even thinner and more supple variant of our Rubber/PVC Sailcloth which could be transformed into the ultimate outdoor strap – a Sailcloth NATO.

After months of variant prototype testing, in challenging locations such as the boiling Australian summer, the freezing Swedish winter and storm hit UK, we finally locked a design which befitted the ZULUDIVER name and genuinely brought something new to the watch world. As a team we are proud to present the ZULUDIVER TYPHOON.

What is Typhoon?

Typhoon is a new standard of highly resistant NATO. In order to make a wearable sailcloth NATO we worked closely with experts to create ultra-thin material which would fold and bend like a traditional NATO strap yet have the proven durability and environmental resistance of the existing sailcloth straps in our collection.

We selected the name Typhoon based on its wide association with extreme weather. Derivatives of the name Typhoon have been used to refer to severe tropical storms since 1504 so the name seems fitting for our most weather resistant NATO yet.

Typhoon is available initially in matt black with Sandblasted, PVD Black or Polished keepers and buckle. Multiple lug widths are also available but not in all variants so please check carefully when ordering.

The Typhoon represents years of NATO and advance material evolution on the part of ZULUDIVER. Soon we will publish the story of our most advanced field test but rest assured, with the name ZULUDIVER embossed on the Typhoon you can buy now with confidence.