1973 British Military MoD Watch Strap

1973 British Military MoD Watch Strap


The Story

In 1973, the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) were challenged to design and provide to its military personnel a watch strap to withstand some of the harshest of conditions during combat duty.

The vision was clear, a watch strap that would conquer the humidity of tropical climates that often wreaked havoc on leather watch straps, avert the perils of shiny steel watch bracelets in covert military operations. Also they wanted to address the spring bar failures in the buckles and watches, which caused countless watches to meet an untimely demise.

The Defence Standard

These stringent requirements were defined and documented in the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) Standard 66-47/2. Within this comprehensive guideline, several key requirements emerged, which we have highlited below.

Material: Admiralty grey woven 1.2mm thick nylon for durability and resilience. Free from additives which may act as an irritant.

Buckle: One-piece buckle design, integrated without spring bars, guaranteeing a seamless and irremovable method of fastening.

Construction: Heat-welded, fusing an inseparable bond to withstand even the most demanding conditions.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The design was awarded its own North Atlantic Treaty Organization stock number (NSN), a thirteen-digit code 6645-99-124-2986 which was used by the British army's stores requisition process

How we improved the design

Building upon the foundation of the original design, we have refined every asppect of this watch strap.

  • We have fortified the strength and durability by moving to a sewn construction.
  • Instead of chrome plated brass, we use solid stainless steel hardware guaranteeing resilience and longevity.
  • We have increased the size between the keepers. This thoughtful adjustment allows for the fitting of larger watch cases.
  • Understanding that wrists come in all shapes and sizes, we have extended the overall length of our straps to a generous 300mm. This also enables you to fold the tail of the strap back through the keepers, creating an additional layer of security.

1973 British Military Range

ZULUDIVER takes great pride in its commitment to this British design and heritage, and we have put together our remarkable collection of 1973 British Military watch straps. Each design within our range possesses its own distinct characteristics, ensuring a tailored fit, allow us to introduce them to you.

Embodying tradition, the Cadet strap features the timeless standard woven nylon material, accompanied by the classic buckle and hardware.

With an oblique woven nylon material, the Infantry strap adds a touch of dynamism giving it a sense of rugged resilience.

Made from premium seatbelt-grade nylon. Its classic buckle effortlessly combines strength and security.

Immerse yourself in the timeless Warrior strap, boasting a woven canvas material that perfectly balances durability and style.

Brace yourself for the high seas with the Typhoon strap, meticulously crafted from rubber sailcloth-style material. Its classic buckle and style will add a nautical charm to your watch.

Experience the next level of comfort and versatility with the HydraRib strap. Its core-spun three-dimensional nylon construction and complemented by a classic buckle and hardware.

Dive into the depths with the 328 Marine strap, expertly crafted from Italian premium HNBR rubber material. This waterproof wonder combines style and functionality in a range of colours ideally for summer.

Experience the flexibility with the Airborne strap, featuring elastic nylon material. Its upgraded buckle ensures a secure fit, even during the most adventurous of endeavours.

For those seeking a touch of refinement, the Oxford strap offers top-grain leather craftsmanship. Paired with a classic buckle, it adds a timeless vintage sophisticated look to your watch.

Made from our thicker stronger 1.5mm nylon material and fitted with high-quality stainless steel 5-Ring hardware, making them extremley durable.

Celebrating the boundless spirit of exploration and the pioneering legacy of the Pioneer missions, which blazed a trail for the space exploration missions that followed.

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