by Fabian Iber January 31, 2022

Certified Carbon Neutral since 2019

We at ZULUDIVER believe our watch strap sales should have a positive environmental impact and pride ourselves on being a completely carbon neutral company, independently validated by ‘Go Climate Positive’. This means that we offset the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions that we produce through a variety of environmental sustainability actions.


We are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint by:

  1. Achieving our 2021 goal or reducing our Operational Emissions to zero by switching to renewable electricity.
  2. Reducing our Value Chain Emissions in line with science-based targets over the next 5 years.
  3. Going Carbon Neutral by offsetting what we cannot yet reduce for out carbon footprint going forward.

Our Carbon Footprint

Back in 2019 We had the Geckota Limited brands, which included Geckota, ZULUDIVER, WatchGecko and FORZO independently validated by ‘Go Climate Positive’ to measure the total amount of emissions we contributed to our Carbon Footprint. Our total emissions equated to 172tCO2e (the equivalent of 142.5 flights to New York), producing an average of 1.37kgCO2e per product sold – which is 23% less on average than similar companies of our size and industry.

We have offset our total emissions produced this by purchasing 172tCOe towards our Carbon Handprint. This means we have reached zero Net Emissions by offsetting our Carbon Footprint.

 Taken from our page at Go Climate Positive.


How did we offset our Carbon Footprint?

To combat our emission at the source we switched our energy supply to 100% renewable electricity since July 2020. This helped reduce our output significantly, but to reach Net Zero we invested in a carefully selected range of offsetting projects, which are all Gold Standard Certified and have strong additional benefits, including quality of life improvements, aiding low-income families, and reducing deforestation. For example, we provide ceramic water filters for clean and safe drinking water to communities in Cambodia, shifting people away from burning wood or charcoal for their drinking water.

We also work together with ‘One-Tribe’, a climate-action organisation committed to the protection of rainforests. So, when you make a purchase with ZULUDIVER or any of our sister companies, you help us protect trees and rainforest protection projects. Working with One-Tribe helps us participate in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change to adopt the UN Sustainability Goals. Every month we fund One-Tribe with the proceeds collected from our sold products, who distribute the money to relevant conservation teams working to protect the rainforests and the inhabitants and wildlife that call them home.

Thanks to our customers, ZULUDIVER has so far been able to protect over 83,000 trees, saving over 163 acres of rainforest land – storing over 16,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of 9,792 car emissions!