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Chris Weston

About the Author: Chris Weston

About the Author: Chris Weston

Chris Weston is a writer and surfer based in the South West of England. He has a passion for adventure and a love for the ocean, and often combines the two by seeking out remote surf spots in his home region and beyond. Weston's writing focuses on the surfing lifestyle, environmental issues, and the challenges faced by surfers in today's changing world. Chris is also an experienced surfer, and spends much of his free time chasing waves along the Cornish coastline.

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Autumn Waves

by Chris Weston October 04, 2021

I think we can all agree it's been a year like no other. After spending most of last winter and this spring locked away in our homes, a summer of...
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Marine Conservation on the Cornish Coast - Life at The Lobster Hatchery

by Chris Weston October 01, 2021

Marine conservation is a hot topic at the moment. Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem and climate change is set to alter natural systems at a rate never before seen...
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Life beneath the surface: Freediving in the UK

by Chris Weston May 19, 2021

For me, growing up inland in the UK meant the sea was only accessible on holidays or long day trips, but I've always been drawn to the water. Since moving...
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Chris Weston: Catch A Cornish Sunset

by Chris Weston January 07, 2021

Famous for its beach holidays during the height of summer, North Cornwall is fast becoming a year-round destination. A must for a visit at any time of year is to...
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Surfing Cornwall's South Coast

by Chris Weston December 11, 2020

South Cornwall is less well known for its surfing conditions than the more exposed North coast. However, on its day it can produce some of the best waves in the...
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Longboarding Man-Made Waves: Inland Surfing

by Chris Weston October 05, 2020

Cornish Longboard Surfer Chris shares his experience of taking to the manmade waves with his longboard
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Dawn Patrol: The Art of Getting up Early

by Chris Weston September 01, 2020

The morning routine of a Longboard surfer in North Cornwall. A Surfers Paradise known for it's rugged coastline; towering cliffs and golden sands.

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