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Nathan Schultz

About the Author: Nathan Schultz

About the Author: Nathan Schultz

Nathan Schultz is a New Hampshire based writer obsessed with affordable mechanical timepieces. When not collecting, modifying and writing about watches, he can be found putting them to the test on local hiking trails.

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A Guide to Metal Watch Straps

by Nathan Schultz January 08, 2024

Some call them metal straps. Some call them bracelets. Whatever you call them, they are everywhere!  But what makes a metal strap different from other common materials such as leather...
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Unlocking the Secrets of Rubber Watch Straps: A Comprehensive Guide

by Nathan Schultz December 04, 2023

Shopping for rubber straps can feel like navigating the Wild West. With so many mysterious materials and categories available, purchasing a rubber strap can be daunting. Fear not! This guide takes a deep dive into the universe of rubber watch straps, highlighting their advantages over other strap types, demystifying various materials, and offering invaluable tips for selecting the best rubber straps for your cherished timepieces.
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Mastering the Art of Watch Strap Collection, 5 Expert Tips

by Nathan Schultz November 20, 2023

In this article, Nathan shares his top five tips for maximizing your watch strap collection. From buying a variety of straps to accentuating pops of color on your watch, and even defying conventions to wear your watches as you please, these insights will transform your watch-wearing experience.
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