by Richard Brown November 29, 2022

If you are a regular ZULUDIVER follower, then you’ll need no introduction to these straps. Doubtless, you will have a fine collection which can fundamentally change the appearance of your watch. With so many contemporary designs and colours we sometimes lose sight of the humble origins of this design; the strap which spawned the phenomenon – the cryptically titled A.F.0210. The A.F.0210. single pass canvas webbing strap which first appeared around 1944 and is now synonymous with British military equipment of World War 2. It is the archetypal military watch strap, and eventually evolved in the 1970s to the G1098 we know today.  

To honour their history, we have come up with a new collection of military colour canvas woven straps which we have titled Warrior. The new webbing was developed with inspiration from canvas fabric and is a blend of polyester and pure cotton yarn. After extensive testing, we found the perfect ratio of the materials to produce a robust fabric with a canvas look.  

The WARRIOR range has all been named after famous military HQs and Academies.  

Green - Sandhurst

Warrior Watch Strap - Sandhurst

Founded in 1801 the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is where all British Army officers are trained. The academy’s motto is: ‘Serve to Lead’. Many international armed forces send their new officers to Sandhurst because it is recognised as a world-leading military training academy. The green Warrior strap could only ever have one name.  

Black - West Point

Warrior Watch Strap - West Point

Founded in 1802, the United States Military Academy, known as West Point, was originally a fort overlooking high ground above the Hudson river. It is the oldest American service academy and prepares cadets for commissioning into the United States Army. The majority of the buildings in the compound are built from black and grey granite, hence we have chosen West Point as the name for the black strap. 

Grey – Dartmouth 

Warrior Watch Strap - Dartmouth

Britannia Royal Naval College, known as Dartmouth, is the Royal Navy Officer training establishment. It was founded in 1863 and boasts a ship's name – HMS Britannia – even though it is entirely shore-based. Our battleship great strap pays homage to the history of Dartmouth.