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January 15, 2024

A new strap can transform a watch. It can make a watch more than the sum of its parts by restoring it to life or giving it unique characteristics. Here at ZULUDIVER, we create some of our straps with this in mind and choose textures and colours for maximum effect. Such is the case with the Seacroft Waffle FKM Rubber Diver in Cloud Grey. A strap conceived by the team from scratch to enhance steel tool watches.

We thought showing the same strap on four different watches would be interesting. How it suits them all yet brings out different characteristics in each. To achieve this, I took a Cloud Grey Seacroft home this week and fitted it to four of my tool watches. We usually use our fantastic studio shots for this type of feature. This time, I took all images in natural light at home, so you are seeing unedited pictures of how the strap looks on the watch.

Seacroft Waffle FKM Tech Specs.

Seacroft Waffle on SinnZULUDIVER Seacroft Waffle Cloud Grey - Credit Zuludiver

The strap takes inspiration from 1960s Seiko waffle straps, which were fitted to dive watches in the formative years of SCUBA. We make the Seacroft from FKM rubber, which has a reputation for withstanding harsh treatment. Fluoro-elastomer (FKM) is highly resistant to salt water, aggressive chemicals, and extreme temperatures. It can maintain its structure as low as -45C and high as +300C. This is a strap made without compromise.

It is secured by a sturdy, brushed-finish stainless steel buckle that is deeply etched with our trademark ZULUDIVER logo. The strap tapers in width: 20mm lug / 18mm buckle, 22mm lug / 20mm buckle. The length of the 2 parts of the strap is 130mm on the longer side and 80mm on the buckle side. Quick-release spring bars for easy strap changes are fitted as standard.

Rolex Explorer II – Ref: 16570

Zuludiver Seacroft on Rolex ExplorerZuludiver Seacroft on Rolex Explorer - Credit Zuludiver

Thanks to its fixed steel bezel, the Explorer II does not have the traditional look of a tool watch, where a tactile, high-legibility dive bezel dominates the overall watch. The Rolex bezel is, in effect, just an extension of the case. With such an overall bright 904L look the watch, irrespective of whether it's the black dial or Polar, eminently suits a lighter strap like the Cloud Grey.  

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch – Ref: 3570.50.00

A Moonwatch always suits a grey strap; it's just one of those aesthetics that works. It fires the imagination. Normally, we suggest nylon, such as a 1973 or ZD Lunar, for that essential NASA look, but the Speedy on Waffle Cloud Grey has been a revelation. You get that Moon-homage look now with a highly durable strap, which the Speedmaster is big enough to pull off.

Omega Seamaster 300M Titanium – Ref: 2231.50.00

Zuludiver Seacroft on Omega SeamasterZuludiver Seacroft on Omega Seamaster - Credit Zuludiver

A Professional dive watch needs a professional strap, and the titanium Omega and the Cloud Grey are the perfect match. Titanium is a beautiful watch material, so much more interesting than steel. It dulls and patinas almost in the way that bronze does but retains a die-hard tool watch look. The grey strap partners my Omega's different shades and tones and enhances the construction material.

Marloe Watch Company – Coniston White

Zuludiver Seacroft on MarloeZuludiver Seacroft on Marloe - Credit Zuludiver

The Marloe Watch Company holds a strong position in our national industry, representing some of the best British design. The Coniston White and the Haskell range have been two of my favourite models for a long time. Both of these have been superseded now, but they still exist, just evolved in the new collections. The Coniston is based on the incredible story of Donald Campbell and his Bluebird jet engine boat. The stark white dial and silver accents blend seamlessly into a grey strap, often one of my chosen ways to use the watch. However, I have never attached it to a rubber strap; I prefer a ZULUDIVER 1973. The Coniston is not a dive watch, yet its presence is inspired by heroism on the water; therefore, the rubber strap fits the ethos of both the watch and strap perfectly.

As followers of ZULUDIVER, you will know that you will be familiar with our strap showcases; however, taking one strap and putting it on four different watches is actually a new concept for us. If you want to see one of our straps on multiple watches please let us know because we're always happy to respond to your requests.

Richard Brown

About the Author: Richard Brown

About the Author: Richard Brown

I truly believe one of the best partners in exploration and adventure is a fine watch. Over 30 years of collecting, my fascination with the technical capabilities of both vintage and modern timepieces has never abated and it is a privilege to be able to share this passion through writing.

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