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ZULUDIVER Seacroft Waffle FKM Rubber Dive Watch Strap

Buckle Finish:
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The ZULUDIVER Seacroft takes inspiration from the original SEIKO waffle rubber watch strap made during the 60's. Made from high-quality FKM rubber the strap is flexible and there is a great range of adjustment.

FKM rubber feels smooth and soft to the touch, but also feels heavier and better quality when compared to a silicone watch strap.  This is one of our most popular designs and it will match well with a wide range of watches.

  • Excellent temperature resistance and high chemical stability
  • Good weather, aging and oxygen stability
  • Excellent resistance in mineral oils and fats

Completed with a sturdy brushed finish stainless steel buckle that has been deep etched with our trademark ZULUDIVER logo.

The strap tapers in width: 20mm lug / 18mm buckle, 22mm lug / 20mm buckle.

The length of the 2 parts of the strap is 130mm on the longer side and 80mm on the buckle side.

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