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March 03, 2021

SEAQUAL recycled watch strap

Over the past few years, we’ve become a lot more aware of the impact we as a company and as individuals have on our planet. Since addressing this we’ve introduced a couple of changes including becoming carbon neutral, as well as saving 25 trees with every order sent. We’ve been carbon neutral since 2019 and at the time of writing this, we’ve saved 10,775 trees thanks to you.

But we wanted to go further, and introduce an actual product that embodies this philosophy, so rather than just reading words on a website, you can actually wear something on your wrist that has a greater purpose as well as making your watch look fantastic.

With this in mind, say hello to the SEAQUAL® Upcycled Fabric Strap from ZULUDIVER.

Seaqual upcycled replacement watch strap


What’s so special about the SEAQUAL?

That’s a good question, in short, a lot of things! To start with this strap consists of two extremely unique and important materials. The upper of this strap is, on the surface of things, a simply well made, tight and durable nylon. The sort you might find on your hiking rucksack for example.

However, on the SEAQUAL, this is actually an upcycled marine plastic woven fabric found on the ocean floor and surface. Have you ever seen plastic floating around in the ocean? Yeah, it’s not very nice, is it? Well, now you with the SEAQUAL you can play your part by wearing that plastic upcycled on your wrist!

Apple Skin Linning

We didn’t just stop there though. The next special aspect of the SEAQUAL is the lining. The lining of this strap feels remarkably similar to a standard soft lining material such as nubuck. You might be surprised to learn then that we’ve actually used apple skins and core waste recovered from the food industry. Don’t worry though, this strap doesn’t have a bin bag or fishy smell at all, it's like all of our other straps in that sense!

We’ve also added a ‘Recycled’ stamp to the lining of the strap as a reminder that you’re saving the planet by owning this strap.


How do they feel in person?

The SEAQUAL is a remarkably comfortable and versatile strap. Thanks to the tough upper and contrasting soft lining, it makes for a fantastic choice for daily wear as well as for those long days hiking.

The strap is even water-resistant, meaning you can go swimming with no issues. The only way we approve of putting plastic in the ocean is when it is upcycled and made into a watch strap!

Watches we’d recommend fitting them to?

When it comes to which watches to fit the strap to the obvious choice here is something that you’ll take out into the world. Be it a field watch, diving watch or just your daily watch that has a sporty look to it, this strap excels on watches that can survive through it all.

Brands that come to mind here are Citizen, Oris (they also do great work to save the environment so an obvious match!) Seiko, Hamilton, Marathon, Glycine or Christopher Ward.

Interested? Great stuff - click here to add a SEAQUAL to your strap collection (oh, and to save 25 trees!).

ZULUDIVER Seaqual watch strap range

Jon Quinn

About the Author: Jon Quinn

About the Author: Jon Quinn

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