October 01, 2019

It’s this time of year where we all hide indoors and sleepily wait to welcome sunnier days.

Not the case for some brave souls and the ever-popular cold-water surfing.

Whatever the weather grab your board and head to the coast.

In the (what seems like) never ending days of Ciara, Dennis, Brendan and Jorge, increasingly turbulent waters mean extreme surfers require a little added security from their watch straps.

Here’s our top 5 recommendations for a reliable companion to brave the waves with.

  • ZULUDIVER 1960s Swiss Style Diver's Quick Release Watch Strap

This design is made from a soft Flexible Silicon Rubber for a very comfortable wear. It’s perforated design whilst stylish also allows for added breathability.

When using this strap for more rough and ready activities you may wish to consider changing the QR spring bars for some diver grade standard spring bars for that little added security.

 * ZULUDIVER Seaton FKM Rubber Military Nylon Watch Strap Nylon-watch-strap

I think most would agree, when it comes to on the wrist security a Military Nylon is the front runner and when it comes to Water resistance Rubber would be the obvious choice.

With the Seaton we've combined the traditional Military Nylon style with high grade FKM rubber renowned for its durable properties.

Super soft to the touch with a choice of hardware this strap would be an ideal partner with any wetsuit.

  • ZULUDIVER 328 Italian Rubber Military Nylon Watch Strap Nylon-watch-strap

With a choice of eye-catching colours as well as more subtle tones the 328 Italian Rubber Military Nylon is a tried and tested favourite amongst enthusiasts.

I don’t think I need say any more on this one.


  • ZULUDIVER 298 Italian Rubber Military Nylon Watch Strap Nylon-watch-strap

Like the 328, this single pass Military Nylon is a tried and tested favourite.

Available in a wide range of colours with the same secure fit that a standard Military Nylon would have this strap remains a faithful friend to any budding explorer.

  • ZULUDIVER Tropical Rubber Watch Strap

We come to the Tropic, this is a personal favourite and one that I currently have on my dive watch (Bias need not apply).

In the past year it has been through sea, sand, mud, rain, and come to think of it several journeys in the hot tub and it’s still going strong.

Quality NBR rubber is specifically designed for harsher conditions and is salt-water and uv resistant making it ideal for those tumultuous waves. Even the sneaky ones that appear from no where and manage to give you a face full of sand!


Salt water lovers everywhere, seize the day!