January 01, 2020

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade.

Reaching a new milestone often causes us to pause and reflect on the past. The inevitable next step is to look to the future. 

Change is coming....

A hot topic at the forefront of Ecological debates is the reduction of plastic and the health of our oceans. Our oceans cover 71% of the planet, so it is a natural assumption to look after the planet we should look after the seas.

The importance of conserving our environment is becoming increasingly more important.

There are many charities out there ready to take up the fight. Surfers against sewage, Plastic Oceans, The Marine Conservation society to name a few.

One such charity ready to champion this cause is 'Beach Guardian'.

In a quiet village on the North Cornish Coast, not far from Padstow,

Marine Biologist and conservationist Emily is taking her stand.

''Engage, Educate and Empower Against Plastic Pollution''

Beach Guardian CIC is a Community Interest Company. Founded in 2018, Father Daughter team Rob and Emily Stephenson have set out to make changes.

Community beach cleans are an integral part in raising awareness.

Volunteers gather to collect and remove rubbish and plastics washing in from the ocean. The debris found is astonishing, ranging from 50-year-old crisp packets to items washed in from Canada. These events are not restricted to locals, any visitors to the area are welcome to take part and often do (myself included).

The aim, to connect people with the environment & improve health and wellbeing.

To date Beach Guardian has featured on BBC, Sky News and media across the globe. Organisations such as Rick Stein, Walkers and Nissan (to name a few) support the cause. Because of this support Eco Initiatives are beginning to appear across the country.

To combine the idea of 'Time and Tide' is not a new concept. The first Maritime watch appeared in 1730 to help us navigate the sea. Now nearly 300 years later watches are being designed to help us save the sea.

‘Time the tide’

’Time to change’

’Time to make a difference’

The launch of Breitlings Superocean Heritage Ocean Conservancy Limited Edition watchin 2019 had a strong message.

This watch was designed with Ocean pollution in mind. Paired with first of its kind Econyl Military Nylon watch strap, this material is 100% recycled, one source of which is discarded fishing nets.

''A beautifully timed call to action, reminding each of us that we can all play an important role in efforts to maintain healthy oceans and clean beaches.''

 Zuludiver is ready #iamabeachguardian #generationsea... are you?