October 23, 2023

Hold onto your seats as once again as we take you on another thrilling journey with Charlotte and Richard, this time strapping the Shawfield onto an Omega and Rolex!

Charlotte – ZULUDIVER Shawfield fitted to an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster fitted to the Metal Shawfield Bracelet

ZULUDIVER Shawfield fitted to an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch - Credit Guest Author

I'm someone who typically leans towards bracelet watches more than any other strap type, but due to my smallish wrists, I have to be a little cautious on the size and chunkiness of the metal. When asked to review the Shawfield bracelet, I jumped at the chance. This is my first time properly testing out any of ZULUDIVER's wristwear, and of them all, the Shawfield steel bracelet speaks to my love of metal straps the loudest.

It quickly became apparent, however, that the smallest 20mm lug width of this strap wouldn't fit any of my smaller-sized watches so instead, I was kindly lent none other than an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch to test it out on. It doesn't get much better than that. Typically, I've seen these watches on relaxed 1973 military nylons, and it's certainly a look that suits, so I wasn't sold on how a bracelet of this style would look on the Omega… until I fastened it on.

The Shawfield bracelet completely changed the look of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in the most refreshing way. While its previous military nylon gave it a casual, laid-back finish, the metal bracelet dressed it up instantly. There is also a distinctively vintage "just-come-off-the-moon" aesthetic, thanks to the gap between the bracelet and watch case. One of the first things I noticed too was how well the polishing on the central links matched with the polished nature of the crown and pushers, while the rest of the bracelet's brushed finishing blended with the rest of the Omega's case.

On the wrist, the Shawfield bracelet feels incredibly solid and secure without feeling overly chunky. The tear-drop shaped links certainly help with this, and their curved profile allows the bracelet to conform naturally and comfortably to the wrist – even one of my size. The clasp is a classic twin push-button release and a solid one; this bracelet doesn't feel like it's going anywhere – neither accidentally nor intentionally.

Richard – ZULUDIVER Shawfield fitted to a Rolex Explorer

Rolex Explorer fitted to the Shawfield Metal Bracelet

ZULUDIVER Shawfield fitted to a Rolex Explorer- Credit Guest Author

I am a serial strap swapper, and if there is any opportunity to try something different on a watch, I am always up for it. One of my favourite watch heads to experiment with is my Rolex Explorer II, which seldom spends time on the original Oyster bracelet and lives mainly on a combination of 1973 military nylons, a Kingsand rubber and, if I'm out in an evening, Horween leather. I have never fitted an alternate metal bracelet, so the prospect of attaching the ZULUDIVER Shawfield to a watch made me think, why not break the comfort mould and try the Rolex?

One of my principal issues with changing metal straps on any watch is that only some come with matching end links, so you end up with a rather odd gap between the bracelet and the watch case. However, as I look at the portfolio of many of the more prominent brands, this seems to be acceptable so in fitting the Shawfield to the Rolex, I sought the same look as the Breitling Superocean Heritage.

The fit and finish of the specific component that touches your wrist is as good as anything I've ever worn. And the word ZULUDIVER is engraved on it, so I shouldn't expect anything less.

Having fitted it to the Rolex and taken the photographs accompanying this piece, I like the look, but it is so radical and removed from how I would expect to see a Rolex that I need some time to process it. There's no question the bracelet links feel high quality, not far removed from the Rolex Oyster at a fraction of the price. The Shawfield is well machined and executed, and the screw-in link pins and micro holes adjust easy. Will I leave my Rolex on it? For the time being, yes. It's challenging my preferred looks for a watch, but I can't deny I do like it.

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Now, we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with metal bracelets on your watches. Have you ever tried a ZULUDIVER Shawfield or a similar bracelet on your timepiece? What was your experience like? Do you have any questions, recommendations, or favorite bracelet combinations? Your comments and insights could add valuable perspectives to the discussion.

Richard Brown

About the Author: Richard Brown

About the Author: Richard Brown

I truly believe one of the best partners in exploration and adventure is a fine watch. Over 30 years of collecting, my fascination with the technical capabilities of both vintage and modern timepieces has never abated and it is a privilege to be able to share this passion through writing.

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