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1973 British Military MoD Watch Strap

by Andy Hillier June 12, 2023

The Story In 1973, the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) were challenged to design and provide to its military personnel a watch strap to withstand some of the harshest of...
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The Benefits of ZULUDIVER Rubber Watch Straps

by Andy Hillier May 31, 2023

Rubber watch straps have gained immense popularity in recent years due to their durability, comfort, and versatility. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a sports lover, or someone who appreciates a...
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The ZULUDIVER OctoPod Watch Strap System

by Richard Brown June 15, 2022

The OctoPodis a unique package offering the first high-end adjustable deployment clasp which fits bespoke Military style straps. 
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How to change a watch strap

by Andy Hillier May 24, 2022

A helpful guide on how to change any kind of watch strap.

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The Original Sailcloth Typhoon Watch Strap

by Richard Brown May 24, 2022

The Typhoon represents years of advanced material evolution on the part of ZULUDIVER. 
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ZULUDIVER Single Pass Vintage Canvas Watch Strap

by Richard Brown May 20, 2022

The ZULUDIVER Canvas Strap is a faithful homage to its historical counterpart and comes in five weathered military earth colours which will suit any style of military or field watch
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How To Use A Spring Bar Tool To Replace Watch Straps

by Andy Hillier May 16, 2022

A handy guide on how to use our ZULUDIVER Professional Spring Bar Tool to remove and fit any watch strap.
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Six months with a Crazy Horse Watch Strap

by Richard Brown May 12, 2022

From day one both the UK and Australian based Crazy Horses showed interesting blemishes, scuffs, and marks where the straps folded and fastened. These soon became part of the charm of ownership.
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The Names Behind Our HydraRib Straps Explained

by Richard Brown May 03, 2022

The latest creation from ZULUDIVER is the innovative HyrdaRib strap. Constructed from premium high-quality 100% polyamide yarn, using a core-spun method.
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Tycho – The Definitive Lunar Strap

by Richard Brown April 26, 2022

The Tycho Crater is perhaps the most impressive landmark on the moon. Clearly visible with the naked eye, it appears in the South as an impact point surrounded by debris...
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ZULUDIVER Sponsors Local 6-A-Side Football Team

by Andy Hillier April 12, 2022

We love to help our community here at ZULUDIVER, and we were approached by a local 6-a-side football club who needed funding for a new team kit. They told us...
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